OLC Arduino For Kids

(ages 7-13)


Introduce your kids to the world of electronics and technology with Arduino programming. Arduino is an open-source platform that is best for beginners who are looking to get started with electronics. 

*For this course, students will be using the ELEGOO Basic Starter Kit which will be provided to them after signing up (for a one-time fee).

General Class Outline**

From intro to microcontrollers to sensors to DC & servo motors, learn how electronics work from our instructor, Jerry Sherrard.

**Note: This Class Outline can be changed or modified at any time based on a variety of factors such as scheduling, student's progress, etc. Actual final project may differ from image shown below.

Week 1: Intro to Microcontrollers, electronics, and the Arduino IDE software. 

Project 1: Make an LED blink on and off.

Week 2: Resistance and PWM.

Project 2: Make an LED change brightness.

Week 3: RGB LEDs

Project 3: Create various colors using a RGB LED.

Week 4: Buzzers

Project 4: Make an active buzzer and a passive buzzer create sounds using a button.

Week 5: Tilt Sensor 

Project 5: Create a switch based on a tilt sensor that controls another device (LED, Buzzer, etc).

Week 6: Sound Sensor/Motion Sensor

Project 6: Create a switch based on sound and/or motion that controls another device.

Week 7: IR Sensor

Project 7: Create a switch based on an IR input from a remote control that controls another device.

Week 8: Ultrasonic Sensor

Project 8: Use an ultrasonic sensor to control another device.

Week 9: DC Motor

Project 9: Control a DC motor using one of the sensors above. 

Week 10: Servo

Project 10: Control a servo motor using one of the sensors above. 

Week 11: "Inventors Week"

Final Project: Invent Something Cool! This is the end of the Beginner's Level.

Week 12 and After: "Smart Cars"

Congratulations! You've graduated from the Beginner's Level and will now start working on Smart Cars.

About Our Instructor

Jerry Sherrard

"I have a background in electrical engineering and math, completing my dual major undergraduate studies in 2005.

With 10 years experience teaching Arduino, I have taught a variety of Arduino camps and classes from the absolute basics up to autonomous vehicles. Having created, coded, and built dozens of projects for my students to build and to learn a variety of engineering as well as coding principles, I greatly enjoy teaching Arduino and helping my students evolve to become future innovators and inventors."

Schedule & Pricing***

Ready to learn programming? Here's the breakdown of our schedule and monthly pricing.

***Notes: 1) When you sign up for the first time, there is an additional one-time fee of $65.00 for the ELEGOO Mega R3 Project Starter Kit and the 32gb flash drive (to save your projects on) which your child will receive on the first day of lesson; 2) Orenco Learning Club reserves the right to cancel this class due to low registration. If this happens, you will be refunded the full amount (if already paid before cancellation).

Arduino only

Learn Arduino programming with us! Here's our schedule and monthly pricing.

  • Meets 2x a week (every Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00-6:00PM) at OLC Bookstore
  • Beginner Level (Weeks 1-11)
  • Intermediate Level (Weeks 12-onwards)


Arduino & Kids Chess Club (combined)

Want to learn more than Arduino programming? Your child can sign up to both Arduino and the OLC Kids Chess Club for one monthly fee. You may choose:

  • One day of Arduino class and one day of OLC Kids Chess Club (in-person) session per week, OR
  • One day of Arduino class and one day of OLC Kids Chess Club (online) session per week


About Orenco Learning Club

Orenco Learning Club Bookstore opened in Spring 2019 by a Hillsboro couple based on the idea of selling new & used technical books and a gathering place for brilliant minds who share the same interests.

"Much more than a bookstore... a community for the curious."

Orenco Learning Club offers group lessons in chess, Arduino programming, & other S.T.E.A.M subjects. For more information, please visit our main page at www.orencolearningclub.com

Photo: Orenco Learning Club Bookstore at Orenco Station (Platform 14 building) in Hillsboro, OR.

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